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Tower Toppler 1.1.3-4

Tower Toppler 1.1.3-4

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Tower Toppler Editor's Review

Toppler is an arcade game.

Toppler is an interesting arcade game. You are a little "frog" that adventures under water with a submarine or goes round a tower. The graphics give you the impression of 3D, even if its actually 2D.

You will have to get on top of the tower by going around it. You fire by pressing 'Return'. There are different obstacles on your way. If something touches the "frog", it will fall. If you hit the water you will lose a life from the 3 that you get. You are racing against time.

The levels are quite hard and you will have to work a little until you catch-on the gameplay. I had to turn off the music, the sounds are terrible especially when your time is up.

Pluses: interesting graphics, challenging levels, free.

Drawbacks / flaws: annoying sounds.

In conclusion: Toppler is a real challenge for a adventure arcade game type. The graphics aren't bad at all for an old style game.

version reviewed:1.1.1-2

Tower Toppler Publisher's Description

Tower Toppler is an arcade game where you become a cute little green animal that has to make its way up a tower to reach a "power off switch." On your way to the target you need to avoid a lot of strange robots that guard the tower.

That sounds all like a normal jump and run game. What makes this game different is that you walk arond the tower

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